Think getting media coverage needs to be hard? As if!

Learn how to get your business featured in top publications in your industry using less than 20 minutes a day.


School is totally in.

Think getting media coverage needs to be hard? As if! Get your business featured in less than 15 minutes a day by following #SmartPRHabits developed by a global publicist. 

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Digital PR School with Crystal Richard & Co.

Pop Quiz! What sets a business apart from the competition?

A)  A pretty Instagram feed
B)  They were on Dragon’s Den
C)  Their product or service
D)  None of the Above

If you selected D) none of the above—that’s correct, gold star for you!

Here’s the sitch. It’s way too common for business owners to be laser-focused on growing their business, perfecting the product, making sure the social media feeds look pretty, and worrying about what the competition is doing (comparisonitis, anyone?)

But you know what will really set your business apart from the competition?


And I would love to teach you how to get your business in front of thousands of new potential customers using less time than you spend scrolling Insta every day.

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“Digital PR School covers ALL you need to be able to reach your own PR goals, it has all the tips and tricks in the book, the lingo needed to catch the right PR attention and she debunks all of the too-familiar PR myths. I HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone wanting to dip their toes in the PR pond, no matter how big or small your goals are, the knowledge gained is timeless!”


Catherine Bourque  La Récolte de Chez Nous | Really Local Harvest

Digital PR School with Crystal Richard & Co.

Introducing Digital PR School


Digital PR School is the kind of education you wished you had in business school and trust me when I say—you won’t need to be saved by the bell from this curriculum. 

Digital PR School is an online course, to be studied at your own pace, designed for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and digital marketers who would love to get media coverage for their brand but are clueless on where to start. 

When you graduate from Digital PR School, you will not only have everything you need to become a PR all-star—you’ll have all the right moves to be popular with the media. From company features to podcast interviews to TV segments, you’ve got gold stars and media coverage in your future.

8 modules covering step-by-step pitching the media

I'll teach you everything you need to know to get featured in the media using the EXACT processes I use myself. 

Learn at your own pace

You're busy, I totally get it. You'll get access to content weekly but learn at your own pace. Can't make the Q&A sessions? We'll have replays for you.

Direct access to your own personal media maven 

Ask me anything in our private Facebook Group and during the two LIVE Q&A sessions included in your semester.


Why Should I Enroll in Digital PR School?

  • Discover the magic of PR and how to turn your story into media coverage
  • Build your very own Media List and learn how to identify journalists and editors to pitch
  • Find out why the Press Release isn’t lame and get access to ready-to-use templates
  • Explore the formula to the perfect pitch and practice basic pitch etiquette
  • Discover my smart PR habits and how to keep momentum going all year long.
  • Learn how to pitch podcasts and yes - even TV segments
  • Get access to live Q&A calls where you can ask me anything - literally, anything!
  • Score an invite to the Digital PR School Facebook group, make new business besties, and ask for help at any time.

BONUS: We send you a super fun experience box in the mail. It’s our version of us tucking notes and leaving prezzies in your locker!

Here’s a sneak peek at your syllabus! 

Module One:
Defining PR - What Like It’s Hard?

In this module, you will not only learn how to define PR, you’ll discover exactly what it can do for your business. And your 2021 goals? They’re about to get the media treatment.

Module Two:
Hey New Kid - what’s your story?

The first step to getting media coverage? It’s knowing your story. I’ll help you identify your story (I promise you have one) and turn it into media angles so good, everyone in the media will want to be friends with you.

Module Three:
How to Be Media Ready in a Flash

Makeover! In this module, we’ll take you from new kid in class, to the media’s pet by teaching you everything you need to know to be media ready when reporters call.

Module Four:
Why the Press Release is Still Too Cool For School

Don’t let anyone tell you the press release is way passé. I’ll teach you how to create a press release that’s too cool for school and sure to impress the media every time.

Module Five:
How to Flawlessly Pitch the Media

Avoid a major faux pas when pitching the media by learning the basic (but essential) pitch etiquette needed to ensure you’re not only getting a gold star on your pitch efforts; you’re consistently landing coverage too.

Module Six:
Roll Call! Who is Ready to Hit SEND?

Calling all the dreamy outlets! It’s time to send that first pitch! Let me teach you how to be pitch perfect and hone your craft so that your pitches get responses, not snubs.

Module Seven:
So You’re Popular - Now What?

You’re like, so popular now! Guess what! You did it. You sent the pitch and maybe, just, maybe you’re getting your story told. Next, I’ll teach you everything you need to know after the pitch is sent to seal the deal, including exactly what to do when a journalist says YES!

Module Eight:
PR4EVER - Getting Covered 365 Days a Year

I bet you’re after more than just a few minutes of fame. Before you graduate, you will learn how to rise in popularity by pitching podcasts, TV segments and more like it’s your day job. I’ll also share my smart PR habits I use 365 days a year to keep the media momentum going and get recurring coverage month over month.

Here’s a sneak peek at your syllabus!


Stop being jealous of your business besties who are landing in Forbes and Cosmo and start doing the homework to get those A+ media placements too.

The Digital PR School Experience Box

Who doesn’t love getting snail mail? To compliment your enrollment in Digital PR School, we’re going to send you your very own Locker Box. Get it? Because we can’t assign you a physical locker for all of your scrunchies, denim jackets, and caboodles? 


Here’s what’s included:

  • A binder with all of your homework, cheat sheets and more. Because we don’t expect you to use three ink cartridges to print your homework. 
  • Your very own composition notebook to doodle and dream in. 
  • Super cute Digital PR School branded notepad 
  • Neon post-its and highlighters to make note taking and goal setting FUN! 
  • STICKERS! As if we weren’t going to send you stickers!  
  • + Other surprises! 
  • Valued over $75

Meet Your Teacher

When I was a little girl, I was two things: a dreamer and a storyteller. 

I’d spend most of my time at the movie theatre or in front of my typewriter. Which later became a bulky desktop computer with really bad dial-up because it was the 90s. 

I was always dreaming up stories to share with anyone who was interested. Yes, I was peddling original fiction at the lockers before fanfiction was cool. 

Fast-forward to my thirties—I’d turned a love of storytelling into a career of sharing other people’s stories with the media as the Director of PR at a PR agency. But it wasn’t as dreamy and glamorous as they made it look in the movies. I worked crazy long hours, had no control over what clients we worked with and by 32—I found myself burned out and the metaphorical glass ceiling felt shatter-proof. 

This was not the story I’d written for myself. 

It wasn’t until I started my own PR biz in 2017 that I truly felt like I was living the life I’d dreamed of in the stories I wrote and stored on my floppy disk because again, it was the 90s. 

Suddenly, PR was fun again. It was exhilarating. And I saw first-hand the effect of landing clients from around the world the outlets of their dreams. What a Forbes feature could do for their brand. What getting in the weekend edition of the Globe and Mail could do for sales.

And most notably - I saw the wave of opportunities that followed each piece of media coverage. The interview requests. The follow-up coverage. Influencer and investor attention. 


I had the power to make that happen for people but because it was my experience and my relationships making it happen, two things would always be true:

1. I could never scale in an authentic and genuine way because I’m only one person.

2. I wouldn’t be able to help everyone get the media coverage they deserve.

2020 was a lot of things, but it was also the year I realized I was wrong about one of those statements. 

I could help more people. I could show my fellow entrepreneurs how exhilarating media outreach and coverage can be. 

How EASY it can be if you learn my smart PR habits and build them into your daily routine. 

If YOU enroll in Digital PR School, I’ll happily let you copy my homework to learn the exact, repeatable steps I take every day to get my client’s bragworthy media coverage all year long.

Are you ready to copy my step-by-step system to getting media coverage? 


“I have taken MANY courses on various digital elements over the years, and Crystal, you knocked this so far out of the park I don't know how others will ever measure up!! The lessons are short & snappy, the homework is perfectly spaced out, & the binder is GOLD!!!”


Jenna, Pickle Planet Moncton

Who, What, Where:

Who is this course for?

Digital PR School is perfect for anyone eager and excited to learn how to do PR to get bragworthy media coverage for their business.

It’s a self-study online course, so while modules will be released when the bell rings each week—you can study at your own pace, where you want when you want.

Just meet me at the lockers to get your textbooks, videos, cheat sheets and homework.

What happens after I graduate?

When you graduate from Digital PR School, you will have everything you need to pitch your business to the media to secure dreamy coverage over and over again. From articles to podcast interviews to national TV, I leave nothing out.

In just eight weeks, you can go from being the new kid in school to the most popular with the media. You just need to show up to class and do the homework. 


join the waitlist

Get on the waiting list to find out when you can enroll in the next semester. 

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